Snorkeling is an easy and comfortable way to appreciate the diversity and beauty of underwater life for those who have not or not yet decided to undergo real diving training and for children. Even with no more equipment than a mask and a snorkel you can float around and watch the smaller and more common species with ease.

In Gran Canaria the climate is generally very stable and midday temperatures do not fall below 20 °C. Also the water temperature is agreeable and the lowest in winter is 19 °C. Snorkeling is therefore possible throughout the whole year, however, from November to May it is recommended to use a wetsuit or rash guard to snorkel for a longer time.

Puerto de Mogán in the South of Gran Canaria has an advantage for snorkeling, being protected from the predominant north-easterly winds causing sometimes currents in other places. Mogán beach is an ideal snorkeling location, also for beginners, filled with small fish, juveniles and the occasional bottom feeder. More advanced snorkelers may like to snorkel out along the right hand side breakwater which can attract more marine life, something to amaze and delight.

Gran Canaria Divers, a dive center located 50 m away from the Mogán beach and using its 7.5 RIB boat, offers snorkeling tours to see the sea bottom both from the coast and the boat. The time of our guided snorkeling from the coast is approx. one hour, in the case of boat tours it takes about two hours from the arrival at our dive center until the return. Our tour guides explain the area visited and flora and fauna species that you can see. The Playa de Mogán areas where we run the snorkeling tours are shallow so that you can see the bottom perfectly. Calm waters make the tours an enjoyable experience also for youngest and elderly snorkelers.

We prefer to use always neoprene suits in addition to fins, mask and snorkel, a suit allows to keep snorkeling a longer time without feeling cold and to float more easily. For safety purposes the tour guide carries a signal buoy.

For those who wish to snorkel independently on their own or to visit other sites of the island we offer rental of snorkeling equipment, suit, mask, snorkel and fins, at a cost of 21 € per day.