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Formerly a fishing boat and today an instrument for the preservation and sustainability of sea life in South Gran Canaria, providing shelter for fish and making sport diving popular. Perfect for any diver, its main appeal being the ease with which divers can explore bridge, holds and engine room.

Five minutes away from the extraordinary port of Mogán, known as “Little Venice”, at a depth of 20 metres, this wreck lies on its starboard side on a mixed seabed of sand and small rocks. The fine algae covering it give shelter to an endless number of species of crustaceans, fish and molluscs typical of the island. Among them the European parrotfish, the only parrotfish to be found in the Canary Islands, bastard grunts, cornet fish, morays or even the occasional dusky grouper. If lucky you might come across pelagic fishes such as amberjacks or some tuna.

Certification level:  Open Water Diver

Max depth:  20 meters

Current:  Sometimes, occasionally strong

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