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Given the shallow depth and sea conditions this area is an ideal spot to try diving for the first time. For the same reasons it is ideal as well for comfortable night diving. Countless small animals live camouflaged in this environment, both a surprise and delight for lovers of detail and macro photography.

Located in the municipality of Telde and protected by the quay, the dive at Taliarte is an attractive underwater stroll. Diving in from the shore and after swimming over a thick meadow of brown algae, we come across the shelf edge which lies on a sandbank at a depth of only six meters. The area enjoys an interesting wealth of invertebrates such as octopuses, spinous spider crabs, giant anemones, cones and so forth. It is also recommendable for night dives, being an easy dive and having an abundance of species with nocturnal habits, among them cardinal fish, white-spotted octopus, sea cucumbers, beadlet anemones and even large common stingrays. A few meters away from the shelf edge we’ll find a seagrass meadow, where emblematic species such as sea horses and all kinds of small fish and invertebrate species find shelter.

Certification level: Open Water Diver

Max depth: 8 meters

Current: Yes, mild

Rating: 3/5

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