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An ideal dive any time of the year! This is the perfect dive for those who would like to enjoy a quiet underwater stroll regardless of the state of the sea in the rest of the island. Entering and exiting the water is easily done from the shingle beach. One gets to the beach from the seaside promenade, which is particularly convenient for night dives!

Risco Verde is without a doubt a good starting point for those beginning in the Gran Canary world of underwater paradises, where ornate wrasse, damselfish, and the brightly coloured parrotfish come to welcome you as the hosts of this place.

As soon as we enter the water we’ll come across a complex framework of cracks and crevices carved in the reef, which is completely covered by a blanket of all kinds of algae. By the shelf-edge we’ll find an environment brimming with sea life; damselfish, parrotfish and ornate wrasses are all abundant here. With a bit of luck we’ll discover a stingray or an angel shark resting on the sand or the seagrass meadow. The latter provides shelter for many species that only the most daring or patient of divers will be able to spot.

Certification level:  Open Water Diver

Max depth:  16 meters

Current:  Sometimes

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