Gran Canaria Dive SitesGran Canaria, one of the two dominating Canary islands, is well known for its different dive sites with interesting marine life, determined by the warm Atlantic water even in winter not falling below 19 ᵒC. Its major diving zones are often characterized by the volcanic origin of certain rock formations, while diving is also influenced by the mainly northeastern winds.

In the Southwest divers find nearly allways less waves than in the North and East. Puerto de Mogán is very protected from winds, one of the reasons why it is the sunniest town in Europe. Our list of dive sites therefore shows first of all Mogán dive sites which we visit frequently and then the Other South Gran Canaria dive sites visited less often due to longer boat travelling time from Mogán.

East Gran Canaria dive sites and North Gran Canaria dive sites will be visited with our minibus and due to the travelling time only for tours with two dives and a sufficient number of divers.

Gran Canaria Dive Sites - Veneguera wreck Como tu

Veneguera wreck Como tu