Entry into the water can be tricky sometimes at this dive site. If the weather is really bad, waves can brake directly on the entry/exit point. However, once you are underwater, all the problems are gone.

The dive begins in a channel which takes you out to a drop-off. Arriving at the edge of the drop-off you descend through a hole or an arch in the wall. This structure was formed by lava that flowed into ocean from a nearby volcano and formed various shapes when cooling off. Right to the left of the first arch – or the small arch – there is a big arch. The big arch is home to barracudas, trumpet fish and many other species. This truly is an awesome sight and swimming through the arch is an incredible experience.

Big Arch on El Cabron

Big arch on El Cabrón

Once through the arch you descend to about 24 meters down to the sand. There are usually plenty of fish there, including barracudas and schools of smaller fishes. There can be some current sometimes, usually to the South.

The dive continues up North following a steep wall and after about 30 meters we come to the first cave. The cave is about 20 meters long and interesting to see (don’t forget the torch). About 30 meters further there is a second cave, longer and bigger than the first one. After clearing the first 20 meters the cave opens into a larger room. Divers love it. You can see one of the caves in the video below:


Just a few meters on from entrance to this cave there are huge schools of fishes. This is probably the most spectacular part of the dive as marine life there is so abundant that sometimes you can’t even see other divers through the fish!

Ending the dive you ascend to the top of the wall (about 8 meters) and return to the point of entry/exit.

Certification level:   Advanced Open Water Diver recommended, can be Open Water Diver, but depth is limited then
Max depth:   24 meters
Current:   Sometimes
Rating:   5/5 

Below are the dive sites in the area of El Cabrón:


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