Stingray Cave

This is the most popular dive site on El Cabron, attracting divers from all over the island. The entry can be a bit tricky, if the wind direction is from North-East.

Once you enter the water, you swim along a small wall, keeping it on your right side. After about 40 meters, you will arrive to a swim trough in the wall. Taking this short cut, you arrive into the sandy bay, where the Stingray Cave is located. The cave got its name from a huge and very curious sting ray that lives there. Sometimes you will find it in the cave, while other times it just waits in front of the cave, or swims from one diver to the other. There are also smaller sting rays to be seen in the caves around this area.

Stingray at Stingray Cave, El Cabron

Stingray at Stingray Cave, El Cabron

If you enter the cave, swim in about 15 meters, you can see a hole on the wall of the cave, where the light enters. The specialty of the stingray cave is also a school of ground bastards, that usually fills the entrance of the cave once you enter it. The feeling of being in the cave filled with fish is simply amazing.

On the way back you will ascent to the top of the reef and swim back to the point of entrance, aprox 5 meters deep. At this dive site the marine life is very rich and colorful. You can see barracudas, tunas, eagle rays, octopuses, moray eels, schools of smaller fishes and of course sting rays!


Certification level: Open Water Diver

Max depth: 18-21 meters

Current: No

Rating: 4,5/5



Below are the dive sites in the area of El Cabron:

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